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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part II

Yes, here I am again. No stitching done. I had just put my fabric in the hoop and was trying to figure out where to start stitching when my mum phoned me. Seems my nephew (a 3 year old little toddler), who's in hospital since Dec. 16th. has been moved to the ICU part of pediatrics. He developed a pneumonia and it's not getting better! I hope he'll pull through soon! I phoned the hospital and got in touch with my brother and offered him to help out but he says they can manage on their own. I told him the offer would still be standing!

I can't concentrate on my stitching now so I put it away. I have noticed it is really hard to stitch with artificial light and I'm wondering if this night queen can only be stitched in I have a daylight lamp but it's no help at all it seems! I have only been using 2 colours in the design so far and I can see a small difference in colour during daytime, but now that it's dark outside I can't find where to stitch anymore, daylight lamp or no daylight lamp :-(
Am going to try and find out if some other lamps exist because at this rate I will still be stitching my queen when I'm well past my sell-by-date :-)


Anonymous said...


Sent you email on OTT-LITE, it's on

Hope your nephew is feeling better soon.

Take care

Paula xx

Michelle said...


I've never done a HAED so I don't know if the charts are set out similar to the Mystic Stitch ones, but the one I'm currently working on is 25 pages and all very similar colours so what I've found useful is rather than trying to do it colour by colour, I do each 10x10 square as I go along. I've found it's very difficult to get lost then and even if you do it's really easy to find your place if you're just working such a small square at one time.

Or if the charts aren't set out like that then just completely ignore everything I've just said! lol.

Have a good day xx