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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Raining cats and dogs here at the moment! Speaking of cats.... I'm babysitting my neighbours 2 cats at the moment. Felix and Zoë. Zoë is my Gina's mum. Anyways, I don't know what's happening but at the moment I have to scoop up brown stuff from the floors when I'm there. They have a litter box but don't use it much it seems! I think they are taking revenge as their owners aren't there!!! Getting fed up cleaning their mess though and one of them even peed on the floor too! Really great!!! I had to take a tin of food of my cats along too because there's nothing left for them and the owners are only coming back next Thursdays at the latest! I also empty the mailbox and I can't close the darn thing anymore, now it's going to rain inside the box and it will all be soggy mail they'll have. Think I'm going to put some duck tape across it when I get back later on to clean some more. I have to get back to clean as I hadn't even noticed 1 brown spot and it's sticking to the floor now. So I put some wet towel on it to get it loose. - Hope no one is eating whilst reading this - LOL
Getting back to work tomorrow so I am going to stitch more today! I won't have that much time anymore once I'm at work.... boohoohoo....sniff, sniff, sniiiirfff.... I'm gonna miss my Queen!!!!
Going to fiddle with my computer a bit now, grab something to eat and start stitching in a wee bit!
See you all laterzzz


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had thirty plus cats in a small studio apartment with litter boxes everywhere. Her landlord caught on and told her it was her or the kitties. She still has about ten and says she'll hide them out. You could smell the place before you entered the gate. Her neighbors ratted her out to the landlord and I don't blame them. She was constantly cleaning to no avail so I hope your bud's cats don't spray your clothes or give you the flu. Trust me it can happen I caught the flu at the cat farm my friend had. And by the way she kept about four unneutered boys. Just asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Poor you, at least Milly used to go and powder her nose in the gravel at the back, I just used to scoop it up later!

Make sure they replace the cat food you've had to use, they should have left you enough for the holidays.

Our next door but one neighbour is still in Florida while the end of the month so I'm still checking on the house, no pets though!

Freezing cold here, I hope it stays dry for the funeral on Friday.


Paula xx

Tracy (IaGal) said...

Wow, what a labor of love on your Night Queen. =) More floss is heading your way, btw! Did I miss what the finished piece will look like?

Michelle said...

Hi Danielle,

Hope you're just quiet because you're busy stitching away rather than something being wrong.

Hope to hear from you soon, take care xx