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Sunday, June 7, 2009

@*&%µ^+~£$µ# THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!!!
I got up very early today as we MUST vote.
Walking to that bureau I came across my neighbours. They told me I could go back home as the computer isn't working.
Now I'll have to go back before 3pm and there will probably be loads of people there by then!!!
Why oh why is it still obligatory in Belgium to vote?
Don't get me wrong, if we didn't have to go, I would go! But now it's senseless. Half the people (or even more) don't give a hoot about this whole charade.
If we weren't obliged to go, only people who really care would go.
The resultst would be completely different!
But of course our present politicians wouldn't want that to happen.
So frustrating!!!

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