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Monday, November 23, 2009

I just had a look on Anita's blog this morning and the second part of her SAL is online!!!
I printed the page and I will start stitching it tonight!
I also had a look on her blog and she published the first part I stitched! Funny to see a picture of my work on someone else's blog.
Bedankt Anita!!!

I am still at work at the moment. Boss is gone and I really don't feel like being busy with graves and dead people (I still work on a cemetery), so I just write a bit more here.
I have tried putting up some other gadgets on my blog page. I do like to have that "translate" thingy on my page, too bad I can't put it right in the middle. When I put it on the left side, it's too big. Guess I am restricted in what I can do on this blog. It's not the same when you have your own website...
I put a gadget up that visualizes where visorts are from. I had one up but as I changed it, I lost my I hope they'll be back!

Anyway, see you all later! Going to surf around a bit. Maybe buy some Humbrol paint on eBay to paint my hoop for that Japanese portrait. I can't find that paint in a shop nearby and I remember it's good paint. My father used to use it when he made scale models of airplanes, boats or cars.

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