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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a day! It was boring at the office, people just don't die anymore these days, it seems.... so there's not much for us to do... (I take care of the administration of a graveyard, remember) I had made another cross stitch freebie yesterday evening and I tried to put it up this afternoon, but as I wasn't working on my own home computer, I couldn't.
Yes, you've read it right, I made another freebie yesterday. Contrary to what I said I was going to do, I also made this:

And here's the link to the chart and key:

It has the Dutch text for "Happy New Year" written on it and it's free for anyone who wants it.

I know I'm a bit late in putting these things on-line, and you might not have enough time to stitch it for this year's festive season, but you can always keep it for next year!
Of course you will have to change "2010" to "2011", but that will not be too hard to do yourself.
I hope you like it and if you stitch it, contact me so I can display your masterpiece on here!

As for the rest of today.... Around 13PM it started snowing here and to my horror it didn't thaw immediately and it still isn't at this very moment, in fact, it's still snowing!

Yes, you are right, nature does look lovely and fairytale like with a thick, white snow carpet but I dread it 100%.
I drove home tonight and it's just as if Belgian drivers don't know how to drive anymore once they see some snow! Gawd, that snail's pace really irritated me! The main road was open so I don't see why everybody was driving at 5km/h?!
But that's not the only reason why I don't like snow.
The main reason is I get scared when walking through it. Scared to fall and break a leg, because if I break a leg, I will be "immobilized" as I can't use crutches. I've had a rather bad accident when I was 20 (I was run over by a car) and as a result I can't use my right arm very accurately anymore, so you can understand crutches are no option for me.

BUT... when I finally got home tonight, I did take my camera and made some snapshots of my garden and this is what it looks like:

That's all for now folks! Enjoy, have a nice evening and thanks for the visit!

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