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Friday, January 29, 2010

Isn't it wonderful what stitchers make??!!

I received these beautiful pictures from two Dutch girls and they are so lovely I wanted to put them on my blog for others to see too!
The two on the left are from Miek. She used my "Alaaf" ornament and turned it into a great valentine pendant!
She told me she had a hard time with the confetti stitches. I did forget to mention it when I put mine up. It does have these stitches in and it made me squint at times. But when you see the result you forget about it!
Well done Miek!
The two right ones are from Ort. She really is into valentine!!! She made a whole bunch of them and she made her own freebie.
You can find it on her website:

When you click on "Freebie Valentijn 2010" which you can find in the left column on her site, you will be able to download a .pdf file with her design.
Congrats Ort!

I do hope all this nifty stuff will keep everybody stitching, that's the general idea anyway!
Thanks for the piccies and the visits!

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