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Monday, February 15, 2010

Doesn't this look adorable???!!!

This is my latest finish. It's not really for Valentine, it's just a very big heart I wanted to make for my boyfriend and me.
As you can see our initials are in it as well as the date on which we first met.
We're still together and probably will still be together for a very, very long time to come!!!

I can't give you any charts for this design unfortunately.
I found the "mould" of the heart on this nice site:
Chez Mamigoz
The cherubs and the roses are designs copyright protected by PCStitch, the program I use to make my own designs with.

I just felt like bragging a bit tonight by showing this cute heart off!


1 comment:

Marion said...

Wat een mooi hart heb je gemaakt.
Mijn komplimenten.

Groetjes Marion