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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some more Valentine material!

I know some of you are eagerly waiting to find a certain kind of cat design here and I hope I don't dissapoint them by putting up 2 more valentine designs instead. But, rest assured, my cat design will appear very soon!
But, as Valentine is near I decided to pamper you with some singing hearts! In a small grid version and a bigger one. It's up to you which you prefer and which you want to stitch. I personally like the big chart and I might stitch it, though I haven't got the foggiest idea when that would be... At the moment I'm stitching another freebie of mine to show you somewhere next month and after that's finished I have to start stitching this Hawker Hurricane as a present for my nephew who'll be 8 next month and who's just discovered WWII and it's airplanes.
Enough about cats and airplanes for now. It's time for some singing hearts!
This is what the charts look like:

The "big" version

The "small" version

The charts can be found here:
click for the big chart
click for the small chart

Yes, yes, yes, I know you want cats!
And I promise you, the next charts will be cats!!!

In the meantime, I hope you like my singing hearts and please send me pictures of your stitches! I'll be sure to put them up on my blog for everyone to drool at. Miaow Miaow for now and thanks for the visit!


Marion said...

Danielle, bedankt voor het muziekhart.

De katten wachten we nog op maar.....wat in het vat zit verzuurd niet.

Groetjes Marion

Ana Luisa said...

Thanks for your comment aboyt the skulls biscornu. You can find the free chart on my blog, it's my own design, just the front part,though. I made up the back as I went along.

Lynne from EMS said...

Your singing heart is lovely and unusual. I'm going to enjoy stitching it for a musician friend for her valentine. Nice timing!

P.S. I like this a LOT better than Jane Seymour's 'Open Hearts' that she's flogging for the jewelry company.