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Monday, December 11, 2006

Nada, ziltch, rien, niks, zero, nishta, noppes, nothing, not a single thread in my mailbox. This is not funny! This is not funny at all! I know the UK order must be on its way, but I don't know if the US order has been posted yet.
And I feel awful. My alarm clock woke me up this morning, but I didn't feel like going in to work. So I rang and it was ok that I took the day off. I finally got out of bed around 10 AM and decided to go to work in the afternoon. I am a bit in a kind of broody mood at the moment and if I would have stayed at home, it would have been worse.
Tomorrow evening I'm going to see my doctor as I don't like the way I feel!
I am going to bed now and read a bit. Must say "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger is a fun book to read and it helps me get my mind off things.
I hope I will have better news soon!

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Sally said...

Post is so slow at the moment Danielle. I received something from a friend today and it had been posted first class on Friday and that's just in this country! It's ridiculous!

I have a new HAED chart in my collection. My dear friend Lisa sent me Selina Fenech's Gaurdian via HAED for my birthday today. I want to start it! LOL!