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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Guess I will have to be more patient.
Though yesterday morning I thought something had arrived.
I was still dozing in bed when at 9:50 the doorbell rang. (Yes I know, dozing at 9:50 in the mornings.... I am a lazybones at times!) I immediately bolted upright, darted for my dressing gown, scared my snoozing cats, switched on the light in the hall, dashed down the stairs, scrambled for my door keys, dropped the keys, picked them up, fiddled with the keyhole, opened the front door looking like a scarecrow.... and there was the mailman.... he had a letter for me to sign for. Nothing else, just a letter.
Needless to say it was a bad start of the day. And in the end it wasn't a good day either. I stitched a WIP on plastic canvas and I have been puzzling my head off about some stuff that's not HAED nor stitch related so I'm not going to mention it here.
In the end I was glad when it was time to go to bed in the evening!
We don't receive any mail during weekends so I hope at least the fabric will arrive next week so I can start gridding and put a stitched border around it to stop it from fraying. A friend of mine told me what stitch to use for that! Thanks Paula!!!
Today I still have cobwebs in my head and I don't like it at all! I cleaned up the bathroom and filled in an excell sheet on which I put my monthly fixed expenses and earnings.
I made the totals and compared what came in and what went out.... seems like I have been a rather good girl this year. I haven't overdone it on the spending part!
I guess I will be stitching a bit more for the rest of the day. It is sunny outside but a bit cold. I am tempted to go for a ride on my trike as it helps me get my mind off things but the cold is not making me want to go out.
This is a picture of the kind of trike I have, mine is black though.
Yesterday I also noticed I don't have anymore English or French Christmas cards and I will have to go to town to buy some. I thought to do that yesterday but I really was not in the mood. And today is Saturday so the town will be swamped, which I don't like at all!
Before leaving here I would like to thank everyone that has left nice comment on this blog! It's great to get some so please visit whenever you want and leave more feedback!
Signing out for now. I hope I will have some better news soon!

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Sally said...

Hi Danielle! There's nothing worse than waiting for post and it doesn't arrived! It puts me in a mood especially when I want to start some stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing your start and progress real soon. Keeping my finger's crossed ( but not while I'm stitching) that your fabric arrives tomorrow.

I am still sort of tempted by the HAED sale but think I'll give it a miss this time. There will be others and not as though I have no HAEDs to stitch at all! LOL!