My stitched bits

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Nothing much else happened here. Just a usual day. I did leave the office at 14:00h and I'm at home for the rest of this week. I will try and stitch a bit as I still have some WIP's but my stitching bug is playing hide and seek with me!
My brother turned 50 today! I don't have a lot of contact with him, he's always too busy, but I did send him a card.
I will have to figure out more about how Blogs work and it's a bit hard to get as the explanations are in English, but I will get there eventually!
I don't have a lot of writing inspiration at the moment so I am going to get me some coffee and chocolate to compensate for not having received my fabric yet :-)


Anonymous said...

The post is always slow at Christmas Danielle, hope it arrives soon!

You could always make spagetti!

Paula xx

Michelle said...

Hope you've had a visit from the postman by now!