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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Boohoohoo..... just got home from work and the postie didn't bring me anything yet... snirffff.... Though, when I look at it on the bright side: he also didn't bring me any invoices to pay :-)
I guess it was a bit of wishful thinking on my part that the fabric would be here today. Guess the postie had too many cards and pressies to deliver elsewhere.... Today is Santa Claus in Belgium. That means all the kids get goodies, toys, chocolate and other healthy things to eat ;-)
Santa Claus is a bit like Father Christmas in the UK and the US. We also have Father Christmas but he brings less for kids and it's more of an adult holiday.
Santa Claus lives in Spain, rides a grey across the roofs at night and he dumps his toys down the chimneys. He also has black footmen accompanying him, dragging a bag over their shoulders. This bag is meant to put bad kiddies in :-)
We sure were scared and anxious when we were kids and we were on our best behaviour when we knew Santa was coming!
But this year Santa didn't bring me anything :-( and neither did the postman :-( Wonder if I can complain somewhere? And this is what Santa looks like:

21:15h here now. Just had contact with my floss mum in the US! She's going to get me the DMC threads for my queen next Saturday. She'll be sending them next Monday. Yippeeeee!
I will pay her and I am going to send her some nice Belgian chocolate to thank her!
Signing out for today!


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of patience Danielle if you're doing that design. Paula gave me link to your blog and it sounds as if you're going to be very busy stitching her, good luck.


Anonymous said...

You're a brave woman Danielle but you can do it!

Paula (UK)

Sally said...

Hope your fabric has arrived today Danielle. Once you get started with your HAED you will love it!