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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Well, here I am trying out something new. Never thought I'd create a blog! Last year I didn't even know what a blog was!
The reason I'm making one now is very simple.... I'm a wee bit addicted to cross stitching and I am hoping to start stitching my very first Heaven and Earth design real soon.
What I want to do with this blog is posting my thoughts and pictures of my work in progress for others to read and maybe give tips to others that way.
So last Sunday, Dec. 3rd. I succumbed to HAED. I purchased a design which I received by e-mail yesterday morning.
This is a picture of the design I bought:

It's called "Night Queen" and it's by "Jessica Galbreth". Isn't she just lovely and mysterious?!
I forwarded the mail to my office and printed it out today..... 40 pages!!!!!
The complete design needs 60 different colours and I'll be stitching it on 25 count Zweigart Lugana. The fabric will not be white because the design is mostly made with dark colours and it might shine through. So I ordered a bone colour. Someone on the HAED forum gave me this tip and I gladly accepted it! It also made me laugh because I work on a graveyard.... lol.... I don't dig graves though.... I do the administration.... and I burry people into a specially designed computer program. Yep, they are buried twice.... in the ground and in the computer. At least that way we know where they are for sure :-)
Anyways, enough about my job for the moment.
So, like I said, I ordered the fabric, special needles and a floss box and I'm waiting for those to arrive. They are coming from the UK.
No, I'm not English, I'm Belgian (like Hercule Poirot) and in this country everything to do with cross stitching costs way too much compared to what I earn. The UK is cheaper and my DMC floss is coming from the US where it's even more cheap!
I ordered all this yesteray and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. I had a confirmation mail from the UK just a while ago telling me the order was despatched, so I know it will arrive shortly. I am not sure how long I will have to wait for the threads to arrive though....
By the way, I mentionned I was Belgian, so don't bash my head in if I make mistakes in my writing! English is only my third language. My first one being Dutch/Flemish and my second one being French.
I am writing this blog in English though, as most of the stitching junkies I know are living in the UK or in the US.
Leaving for now. It's almost 22:00h and I need to get to bed to get me some sleep!
Hope you enjoyed my first page and that you'll come back soon for more!


Michelle said...

Wow, 40 pages!! I thought I was being ambitious with 25!!

Good luck with it and remember to enjoy it! Looking forward to updates :)

Sally said...

Brilliant start to your blog,Danielle. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your first HAED!