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Monday, December 18, 2006

Came home from work this evening to find some mail from the UK and from the US. My mother's niece lives in the UK and she sent me a nice Christmas card, a robin in the snow is on the front of it. I do love robins a lot and intend to stitch some more when I manage to find the time.
The second card I got came from the States and it was Wanda who sent me a "piecemaker" 28 count needle along with it. Thanks a million Wanda! This will surely help me make my Night Queen look even better!
These needles are very strong and are the best to stitch these designs with, so I read on the HAED forum. Unfortunately you can only get them in the States. And Wanda was really nice to get me one!
Nice people do exist!!!
Unfortunately I haven't been stitching today. I worked at the cemetery, am still sneezing and coughing and in the evening I had to do some shopping. In the supermarket I bumped into someone I hadn't seen for almost a year and we blabbered quite a lot so in the end I got home a bit later than expected and was too tired to concentrate on stitching.
What I did instead was hunting down blinkies on the net. I saved some goodies on my computer so I can put one up once in a while. Too bad I can't post them in this posting area but only on the sides, top or bottom of the page. Or else I'm too blond to understand how to do
The one I posted on top of this page (about "men") is one that really made me laugh a lot. It makes sense to me :-) I think Paula will understand too, don't you my friend? LOL
TTFN! Bedtime for Bonzo here!

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