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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

GRRRRR!!!!! Had no time to stitch today!!! Wanted to try out the needle I received yesterday but couldn't.
I cooked some food tonight, a Kenya style Shrimp Curry. Very hot but nice to eat still.
After that I started writing Christmas cards and wrap up pressies so I can mail them. I know, I'm late this year but I've had a lot on my mind and I'm still not in a Christmas mood either.

When I finished wrapping, I had to sew some buttons on a new winter coat I bought. I really wonder why they can't sew these buttons on correctly right from the start. They are always loosely stitched and if you're not careful you loose them. And I hate sewing on buttons!!!!

So no HAED stitching tonight. But looking forward to next Thursday! I am taking the rest of the week off as of Thursday afternoon. That means I'll have time to stitch until next week Wednesday when I am due back at work. I have no plans for Christmas, I just can't wait to be sitting here at home stitching away on my Night Queen!
Thought I'd put up something fun I found somewhere on the internet a while back:

Murphy's law of Cross-Stitching

*** Come sale time at the needlework shop, they'll be out of DMC 310.
*** Chocolate is to Aida as metal filings are to magnets.
***The thread will fray.
***The last lost needle will only be found by a bare foot traveling at a high rate of speed.
*** When there are four stitches of a color left to do, there will be enough thread left in the needle to sew no more than three.
***The needle threader won't.
*** "Mother's scissors" are the only ones your husband and children will want to use.
*** Dog/cat hairs will penetrate any and all enclosures used to protect cross stitch projects in progress.
*** After counting the same line 11 times, but before the first critical stitch is taken, the phone will ring.
***You will count wrong.
*** You will re-count wrong.
***After recounting again you will find you were right the first time.
*** When you finally get the count right you will loose your place.
*** Regardless of how recently you have fed your household prior to stitching, the minute you pick up your needle... every child will be hungry, every bird will give out a faint ravenous tweet, every dog will go pale, every plant will droop, and the doorbell will ring.

Doesn't this sound familiar? :-)

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