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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Having a bit of a hangover. Being a civil servant is a hard job at times :-) Yesterday was the last working day of 2006 at the office so around 3PM we started drinking champagne and other stuff. We ended up in a pub and drank some more and now I have a headache! Don't know where I got that

But I did manage to stitch more HAED! First page is almost finished. But I'm really struggling with these little dots that are not stitched yet. I have problems figuring out what colour they are on the chart. I think the next page I'm going to stitch 10 x 10 squares to avoid this from happening again!

Ahaaaaa... "My Sharona" - The Knack on my media player! One of my favourite songs for dancing!!!! Great rhythm. But not for tonight! Tonight it will be an early bed night and if there's anything good on TV I'll record in on a video and see it later on!

Bye for now and if I don't come back before next year.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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