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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, like I said yesterday, it was back to work today. Not many burials today though. I was at the office and my boss was there too. And guess what.... we were both bored...LOL. We didn't feel like working so we didn't do that much. In the afternoon we sat in the kitchen with the lights out so people outside wouldn't spot us and I took out a bottle of red Porto and drank a glass. He didn't join me and neither did he take a glass of whisky, like he has been doing last week. He almost emptied a whole bottle of Chivas....LOL. No we aren't alcoholics, we are just bored at times :-)
And now I am sitting here and I have a small glass of Bailey's Irish Cream next to me, yum, yum, yum. The Corrs on my media player and everything is just perfect the way it is.
My eyes are itching from the neon lights at the office though and together with my Bailey's I am not going to attempt stitching tonight. Just relaxing and going to bed early.
I do want to phone a girlfriend whom I read the most horrible mail from this morning at the office. She sent it to me last Thursday afternoon but I was on holidays and I can't access my office mailbox from home.
Anyways, what happened was, she had a baby last Nov. 21st. and everything was fine. Now, last Dec. 11th. her boyfriend plainly announced her that he's leaving her for another woman. She's back at her parents place now and I can imagine she's going through hell! I replied to her mail at the office and told her I was going to phone her tonight, but now I've noticed the batteries of my phone are dead :-(
She, Véronique, is also a cross stitch addict who has a web page on the Internet. Some 3 years ago I was browsing and stumbled upon her page. I put a comment on it and since then we became friends.
I stitched this baby bear in a pram for her little baby girl and she likes it a lot. The shiny lace I put around isn't blue but white. It's just the camera flash that caused this colour change.
I just wish I could phone her now but I am going to mail her instead.

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