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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good evening!
Almost midnight here but I just wanted to publish a Xmas freebie I just made. It's not completely my own idea. I used PCStitch to make it.
It says something like "season's greetings" but in Dutch. Almost all the cross stitch freebies I come accross are in either English or French. So I thought I'd make one for Dutch stitchers.
I hope you like it and if you stitch it I would be very pleased to see the result!

Here is a picture of my design:

Errrr.... right.... well... I'm not a computer wiz and it seems I have to figure out how to put up a link to the pdf file I created so you can download the chart and the key.
I'm a bit sorry to have to let you wait for this until tomorrow evening as otherwise it will be waaaayyyy past my bedtime and I can't afford to get to work late tomorrow morning.
But you can rest assured, your patience will be rewarded shortly.

And... if you are wondering about how our trip to Oberhausen was, I can tell you it was fantabulous!!!

To be continued...


DUSTY said...

Cute design. Congrats on your first one.

nima said...

wow..this pattern looks gorgeous...thank you for sharing

Claire said...


Paula said...

That's really nice Danielle, I'm still on with my wedding sampler, we've been married 5 weeks now so there's no hurry! Have a great Christmas, hope the cats are OK.

Paula xx