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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I did it again! I've stitched my head off the past 3 days and this is the result:

I am more and more pleased with this SAL!!! It's not too difficult to make, although I must admit I made a wee little mistake in the last part, but it will have no impact on the next part of the SAL and if you don't know it, you will not notice it.

The reason I stitched this part rather fast is, my boyfriend and I are leaving for Germany tomorrow morning. We are going to go Xmas shopping in Oberhausen. We will be back friday evening, but I still need to do some more Xmas stitching and decorating so I wanted to finish this SAL first.

So, this is the 3rd part of my first ever SAL. I am enjoying it so much I can already mention I have a new SAL that has drawn my attention. The new one will start next month and consists of making a biscornu for each month of the year. I am a bit of a biscornu addict, so I really want to start with that SAL as well. I do hope I'll have the time though!
But I am 100% sure my present SAL will be cherished for a very long time to come!

It's already almost 22:30h. Going to stop writing now as I have to do some more stuff before going to bed in a bit!

If anyone wants to leave some comment, please do! I do like to read reactions on my stitchings and other things you can find on my blog.

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