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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did I ever mention I like cats????

Well, if you like them too, you might like to make this cutie:

I stitched it on a little piece of Aïda gold lurex. It was a left-over and the borders were a bit too small to fold and finish it easily... my fingers are still a bit achy from wriggling with it, but I'm glad I had enough patience to keep on going. And when I see the final result, I am very happy indeed!

This is what it looks like at the beginning (you can clearly see what I mean about the borders being rather small:

I'm almost sure you are eager to see what the chart looks like, so... here goes...

As you can see it's not that difficult. And to finish it you just have to fold it and stitch the hems.
You make a nice tassel to attach underneath, a cord to hang it up with et voilà you have some cute cat's eyes to watch over you!

And this is the link for the chart and the key:


I'm sure you will enjoy stitching this design. You can easily make it in one day, even if you work full-time (like I do).
I would really appreciate it loads if you could tell me what you think of this purrring design and it would even be better if you would show me a picture of your finished cutie pie.
To contact me you can do so via dani26362 at gmail dot com.
Enyoy, thanks for the visit and happy stitching!


yskmtmr said...

What's a cute design! I'm very interested in and falling love this cute design. :) Thank you for sharing!

dani263 said...

Glad you liked it!

Srinity said...

Cute! I know a friend who would love this so maybe I'll stitch it to her. :)

I wrote an answer to your question to my blog comments about how I finished the Christmas box.

dani263 said...

Thanks for the words to explain about the boxes. I put a word up in your blog too!

Gabriele said...

Wooow, what a wonderful Design! It looks great.
Greetings, Gabi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful designs!

Greetings, Marion