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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good afternoon all,

I did mention I got a nice bird feeder as a Xmas present.... Well, it's in my garden now! And I'm glad it's there as we are having a snowy winter this year. The birds found their way to it and they are happy it's there too!

The first and second square of the 15-sided biscornu SAL are stitched and here's a picture of what they look like. You will notice I am using the same cloth as I use for my first SAL. I must say I rather like that denim colour and as I have some left, I'm using it again. For the stitches I choose DMC 746 and 747.

I've been having a look on the internet to kill the time a bit and stumbled upon a great site with silly cat pictures with even sillier captions.
Go take a look, it's a blast!
silly cats

That's it for now. In 45 minutes I'll be home, cuddling my moggies, baking a bread and, most importantly, STITCH!!!

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Carolyn McNeil said...

I agree, the denim looks good. The birds are having a harsh winter, here, as well. I'm in upstate, New York, USA. I don't dare put a bird feeder in my yard - It would lure the birds in for my cat to eat...
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