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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I don't have a lot of time these days, but I really, really, really wanted to put pictures up showing off my cat ornament made by some readers of my blog!
Indeed, I have been very happy to receive pictures of some off you and it's only natural I want to show these off as well!
They look really smashing and it really is weird to see things I designed stitched by others! It doesn't only feel weird but wonderful too!


The first one I received is from Miek! She made it on cloth that she dyes herself (isn't that neat???!!!) and she put some cute fish buttons on the back too!

Ort sent me hers and it's looking swell too!

And here's another one from Miek!

Don't they look adorable? Miek even put some -blue garden pants- on the small cats... LOLOLOL!!!
And she's going to make some more of my cutties! She is definitively hooked... lololol! But I'm looking forward to seeing those too and I'll put them up as well!

I just had to ask her how she attached the beads as I'm a complete morron! She explained it rather clearly and thanks to her I can now finish these ornaments with beads as well! Thanks for that too!

You can well imagine I was (and still am!) happy when I got these piccies in my mailbox!
I feel spoiled rotten now! LOL

Please feel free to send me more piccies!!! They are really cute to look at and it's nice to see your masterpieces and they deserve a place on my blog!

Thanks a million and have a nice evening now!

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