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Friday, February 12, 2010


I noticed this car on TV in a little documentary about the annual car fair, held in Brussels last January.
This car looks so ugly to me, it becomes lovely!!!
Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a car dealer's not far from my home to have a closer look at this beast.
Like it said in an add I read somewhere, it looks like a bulldog with sunglasses on!
The salesman wasn't very convincing though, so we went out, with an offer but with a lot of question marks as well.

Next we went to another dealer to have a look at this car:
Just an ordinary car, nothing thrilling about it, but it might be more convenient for me...
The salesman made us an offer and that looked more promising than the first car, so we went out with a smile on our faces.
We were driving home but came accross a third dealer and we stopped.
There we found this:
No "woohoo" experience really, but the offer we got was very zingy indeed! And what's more, this car would certainly meet my requirements.
In fact, it's not a "car", it's a "van". And that's exactly what I need! Why? Because that would make my life easier!
I'd like to be able to make trips and take my recumbent trike along. I can put my trike in a car because it's pliable, but I don't like to do that and it still is difficult to get it inside.
With this van I'd be able to drag it in without any problems whatsoever and without being worried so stain seats and such.
So I think this is going to be what I am going to buy.... and maybe I'll put curtains in it with some cross stitched decorations on! LOL
As, if I buy this van, I'll buy it with windows all around it. I wanna know what I'm doing when parking it. LOL

And in case you're wondering what a recumbent trike looks like....
Leaving you now, my boyfriend has just arrived!!! And he took a present out of his weekend bag and put it on a cupboard. I can't see what it is 'till Sunday, it's wrapped but it reminds me of a bell I told you about....

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