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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you like geometry?!

I know I didn't when I was in school! I got a bellyache when I saw the teacher drawing all those lines on the blackboard!
I'm perfectly happy my schooldays are over!

But likes and dislikes change over the years it seems, and now I like geometry.
I mean, I like it, when it's integrated in stitched designs, like biscornus for instance.

So I made one for you to stitch on 14 count white aïda.
Instead of a button I used a bead for the center.
Makes it look a bit more bling bling!
This is what the chart looks like:

And here's the link for the chart and key:


Enjoy and send pictures pleeeezzzze!!!!

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Carolyn McNeil said...

It looks like a great project! I find I'm using geometry with my rug making. I've been using geometric shapes alot recently. Hmmm...who knew math would be so important?
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