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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After the "bell" business it's time for some serious stitching again.
Though... come to think of it, this morning I said to myself: If this bell isn't doing what it's supposed to do (though it's not really necessary!), I'll take it back and ask the cashier for a refund...!!!
Anyway, it's time for a cube!
I found a cute one on this French site: Les chroniques de Frimousse
and I made it.

You can find the chart for this musical cube on her site. Go to the part where it says: "catégories", on the right side of her blog and click on the word: "dés", that's French for "cube".
I did make you a blank cube chart though, so it might be easy to use, just make up any designs you want, draw the cubes and start stitching!
This is the link for the blank cube:

Enjoy and send me pictures if you stitch it!!!!

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