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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doesn't this bunny look cute?
Especially its tail, though the picture doesn't do it justice really.

I used Wisper thread from Rainbow Gallery to stitch it. It's a fine mohair yarn and it's great for a fluffy effect.
When you download the chart don't be taken aback by the backstitching you'll see. It's not correct. The only thing I did backstitch was the bunny. Everything else doesn't need it.
I used a nice flower button to attach it on a little rope which is made using a knitting dolly.
This little ornament looks cute, not only for Easter but it also makes me yearn for spring!

Colours getting brighter, sun starting to shine, and we are all starting to feel a bit cheerier after the gloomy winter.

Good grief, I'm almost starting to feel lyrical,
feeling hoppy and all!

Anyways: this is what the chart looks like:

And underneath here you can find the link for the chart and the key.

I put it in a .pdf file using both colour blocks and symbols, so there shouldn't be a problem and everyone can print it, whatever kind of printer you use!

Enjoy! And please send pictures if you make this ornament!

CUL8R and be sure to stitch till you itch!

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Marion said...

Hallo Danielle

Bedankt voor het leuke patroon. Wat maak je toch leuke dingen en fijn dat je het met ons wil delen.

Groetjes van Marion