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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Errrr.... there used to be a picture here but it's been deleted from photobucket and I don't remember what kind off picture it was....LOL
Sorry for this! But it's a good lesson for me to keep in mind to only put up pictures from my sites or computer instead of from somewhere on the internet!

This is a good picture to show you what I feel like today.

Last sunday my boyfriend and I got rid of my couches at home. So now I have to sit on camping chairs until next saturday when they deliver my new ones.
Cross stitching whilst sitting on those camping chairs is not really easy nor comfy so I'm not very happy when I'm home in the evenings.
What's more, the weather is getting better so I did go for a short ride on my trike yesterday evening. I only did 4 km's as I don't want to overdo it to begin with. I haven't used my bike at all last year and my physical condition is a big ZERO!!!
The result of all this is a bit similar to what the picture looks like.
I hope you are feeling better and have a nice day!

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