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Friday, March 26, 2010


Want to know the reason why I haven't posted much here lately? Take a look at the pictures below. Yes, that's right I'm stitching like mad when I have the time. I found this freebie for a half dollhouse alphabet and I really liked it so much I wanted to stitch it right away.
You can find this freebie here

As it's a rather large project, I've been busy measuring up the fabric and dividing it in pieces so I can stitch the 26 letters more easily.
I'm using 14 count vintage blue aïda and DMC thread number 931.

March 11th. 2010

March 11th. 2010

I've finished 6 letters so far and have much more to do so I'll be busy for quite some time.
I'll put up more pictures of this WIP and at the moment I won't put up new freebies as I really want to finish this project first.
I do like to design small charts but I do like to stitch too so I hope you'll understand I can't do both at the same time.

March 11th. 2010 - letter D

March 13th. 2010 - letter E

March 22nd. 2010 - letters F and G

March 25th. 2010 - letters A and B

I hope you enjoy watching this project evolve just like I like to watch it grow.


PS: It's my birthday today!!!

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Marion said...

Danielle. Ook iets voor jezelf doen is heel belangrijk.
Ik wens je veel borduurplezier.

Hatelijk Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en nog vele borduurjaren toegewenst van