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Monday, February 21, 2011

Evening all!

I have loads to tell you but not enough time to write it down at the moment.
It concerns straddled stitches...
... they are rather hazardous for your health...
... but the problem got solved thanks to a great English company:
Heritage Stitchcraft!!!

I will get back on this subject when I have a bit more time, now I'd like to show you the tissue holder Marion made using my cats design:

Doesn't it look gorgeous?! Danke Schönn Marion!!!
Be sure to visit both her blogs, they are great!
Stickerin and her freebie blog

Can't stay for now, I'll be back soon!

1 comment:

Ana Luisa said...

LOL! I can imagine those stitches getting the better of you! :)
Thanks for the photos of the tissue holder, and blog likn. She has such lovely designs.