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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The joy of straddled stitches!!!

The pictures of the diagrams used in this message are all property of Heritage Stitchcraft who gave me permission to use them.

Last week I started stitching a brand new project: The Hawker Hurricane I want to give as a present to my nephew.
I had installed myself on my couch with a nice cup of coffee on the side table and my cats purring away next to me.
I started winding bobbins, quite a lot actually, but that didn't put me off! I really, really had my mind set on that airplane!

So I started stitching as soon as I could and stitched 2 evenings...

... I had already noticed the chart wasn't the easiest one I had ever looked at, but as long as I concentrated I would surely be able to stitch it all flawless.
And then I noticed 3 symbols in 2 squares and I lost it! I noticed even more of these weird symbols and I lost it even more. Before going to bed I learned about the existence of straddled stitches and I lost it completely!!!
I am used to the English language when it comes to stitching but my brain got really foggy when I tried to understand about these stitches. I just couldn't understand how it worked.
I tried to get help from google but all I got was messages asking about how to make them stitches so I clearly wasn't alone in the fog.
I also tried to get help on 2 stitching forums but I got contradicting answers.
Someone pointed me out to this tutorial: Heritage Stitchcraft, but it was of no avail for me.
I had never imagined cross stitching to be stressfull, but it got to the point it made me so nervous my friend told me to put it aside for a bit as I was starting to go gaga!

I did mail to Heritage Stitchcraft however and got an answer from them. They were going to send me some diagrams as it was rather difficult to explain in words.
I was relieved I was going to get the proper answer but I was annoyed as that meant I had to wait for the postie to arrive with it.
I put everything aside and started stitching something rather easy whilst waiting for the postman.

Yesterday evening I got home from work and I discovered a nice parcel in my mailbox.
In it I found great diagrams that depict very clearly how to go about making these straddled stitches.

One of these diagrams, the most important one, I put at the top of this message.
I took pictures of the other diagrams and I am encolsing them here as I think they can be usefull, not only to me but to other stitches as well!
Everybody knows how to make a full cross stitch, but still...

This is what horizontal half stitches look like.
Good to know because I thought if I had 2 symbols in 1 square it meant I had to blend threads.... I was wrong!!!

You can also encounter vertical half stitches...

... and what about diagonal half stitches...

Needless to say all these stitches are meant for Heritage Stitchcraft kits and charts. I'm not 100% sure they also apply for other brands.
Also need to point out these stitches are best made when using evenweave and working over 2 threads! I wouldn't want to stitch straddled stitches on 14 count aida! I think I'd give up after the first try!

Anyways, I do hope you all understand the art of straddled stitches by now.
I for one am over the moon! Not only because I finally get it! But also because of the fantastic and quick help I got from Heritage Stitchcraft!
And I'm also very happy with the knowledge that stitchers all over the world still try to help one another! HEARTWARMING!!!!

This was a rather long message but I'm sure it will be usefull for a lot of stitchers.
I am going to finish the small blue rose I'm stitching at the moment and then I will tackle the Hawker Hurricane for once and for all!

Thanks for the visit, leave a message if you feel like it and stitch till you itch!!!


nima said...

Thank you so much for this well explained post...and thanks to heritage stitches to explain it to you properly. I was following your query about this on one of the forums and i was too curious about this ..Good that i could learn something people who say cross stitching is just putting too many crosses...i can tell them it is techi at times...thank you so much.

Katrien said...

compleet duidelijk nu ;-)