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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I noticed this afternoon there were some stitches missing in the biscornu I put up last sunday. I want to put the corrected file up this evening and now I can't get on the host where I store all my .pdf files on-line. The bleedin' thing says it can't log in as there are too many connections! Comme on people! DISCONNECT!!!! I need to get in. PLEASE!!!
I must say it's not always fun to keep up a blog. I got completely stressed when I noticed the little mistake I made in the biscornu design and I will probably remain stressed untill I can correct it! I am even stressed writing here. Putting up smileys and such isn't that easy either. When I insert images, the HTML codes are inserted in the beginning of my text so I have to cut and paste a lot! Reminds me of a song from "The Stooges": "No Fun"!
Anyways... to get on with it... I managed to make the "Biscornu design" I published here. When making it I realised it wasn't such a good design to make a Biscornu with, so I made it into a Christmas ornament.
Front view:
Back view:
It's made on 14 count Lurex Aida, which isn't showing through in the pictures, which is too bad.
I have to admit I really like this ornament a lot! I first thought to give it to my neighbour who checks on my cats when I'm away, but I like it so much I'm going to keep it myself. (At times I can be a selfish bitch... lol)
Oh Bummer... I tried connecting to that host again.... still not working. I guess half of Europe is hosting pictures and whatever else on there.
I really like things to be perfect, that's why I wanted to put up the correct version of the chart. In fact, I just forgot 4 stitches in the middle top of the design. When you stitch it, you will understand what I mean. Just 2 red stitches and 2 green stitches.
I will try again tomorrow to put up the corrected chart. I also changed the name of the design. It is now officially called a Christmas ornament!

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